Pedalling whilst going nowhere.......

Post date: Jan 30, 2013 12:09:18 AM

Howdy all,

I've decided that I'm going to get all 1990's on your collective asses and start writing some blogs on stuff that you may or may not be interested in. Ultimately, i don't really give a shit if you're interested or not, but as cycling is the "new golf"* (*shudder) and everyone want's to be seen doing it as everyone else is doing it, and everyone wants to impress everyone else - just like golf* (*shudder) - I've got some things to add to the mix........

First up I'm all for everyone getting on a bike at some point in their life - if you love it: ace, if you don't: fine - at least you tried it, if you just witter/twitter/smooze/network about it 'cause it's the new corporate cool; I'll be honest I'm not too interested as that's what golf is for.

Talk about bikes because you enjoy them, not because they cost £6000+ and "Wiggo" rides the same one. He'll kick your ass on a £60 bike, let alone an even-race on £6k machines, because as Lance said "It's not about the bike" - it's about the EPO, Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone, Blood Transfusions, Drug Trafficking and Oprah.

So about me; I've been riding since, I guess, 3 or 4 and have been racing mountain bikes since aged 11 - looking cool at about 13........ or not.

About 13?, so 1991

Can't remember where it was to be honest, but I do remember thinking my lungs were going to eject out of my mouth and that I needed to catch the lead group (probably including Adam Moody, whatever he's doing now?) as I was stranded on my own dying on my arse. I didn't. So, I was pissed off with only aching legs and a sore throat to show for it. Lesson of the day: you only ride bikes fast if you train hard.

Since then I've blown my knees up, had them operated on 3 or 4 times and stopped riding pretty much throughout Uni. I then got back into it having bumped into Luke Twigg again, he just can't leave shit alone! That's led to me close-to bankrupting myself due to enjoying every discipline of cycling and wanting to give it all a go. XC racing hurt, but Downhill was fun, which led to rediscovering BMX at 23, that migrated into Team MTB Endurance racing, which meant I ultimatly discovered my Love/Calling in Solo 24 hour Mountain Bike racing about 4 years ago - basically riding a 10-12 mile off road lap from 12noon on Saturday until 12noon on Sunday nonstop. I know.

But that's not to say that everything needs to be at 100 mph all the time*, you don't need to ride bikes fast, my current plan of attack is to just have fun on a bike; BMX, MTB, Road, Cyclocross or chasing Nut around on her Islabike balance bike, it's all bikes after all.

So, what am I going to spill my guts about? Well, basically everything I've learnt over the years or have an opinion on. Some might be useful, some might be interesting, but the majority will be flippant bollocks no doubt.

The last 2 weeks have involved putting a perfectly functioning bike on a static set of rollers in my dining room and pedalling whilst going nowhere as the weather has been on the wrong side of UK Health and Safety. This has been a blessing in disguise as I'm a competitive tw@t but am currently massively unfit due to some ridiculous idea about running the Birmingham Half marathon in October just gone and basically having a cold since then. This results in reading this for an hour:

This isn't to illustrate that everything needs to be at 100 mph to justify "being a cyclist". It's to illustrate that after slogging my guts out for an hour and concentrating on "getting fit", it dawned on me that for the best part of 6 months my bike set-up has been causing the incessant keep you awake at night pains in my left leg and an over dependance on Syndol and/or red wine. Basically my saddle was too high, causing my left leg to over-stretch, rocking my pelvis, straining my ankle and cramping my calf. Idiot. This has hampered me more than "being fit", but who's going to know this unless they have their head up their own cycling arse?

So the next waffling will be about adjusting the bike that Evans Cycles/Corporate Bike PLC will happily sell to you on the Cycle to Work Scheme to fit you, or better still, you'll buy the bike with the awareness of what you need to consider ahead of time. I'll cover of my flat out racing view, but also the one size doesn't fit all and don't emulate others opinion that i have.

(*It is all about going at 100 mph, I lied, much like Lance. What a prick.)

Aj out.